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Daniel Maya: Press

Excellent spicy guitar melodies
Reviewer: Lisa Kreutter
I first heard Daniel Maya's music while on vacation in San Francisco. I was captivated. This is the type of CD that you want to listen to in a convertible in the middle of Miami, or anywhere else for that matter. Wonderful guitar rhythms that will have you up and dancing and longing for a warmer clime.
Lisa Kreutter (Jan 13, 2005)
This is a CD you HAVE to have in your collection!!
Reviewer: Sharon
Daniel Maya's Echoes of Paradise CD is consistently outstanding all the way thru. It's upbeat and addicting. The rhythms and melodies are enticing; it's hard not to dance in your chair while we play it at work. Everyone here goes wild about it!
Sharon - CDBaby (Jan 13, 2005)
Beautiful, flowing compositions...should be theme for a movie.
Jose Valle "Chuscales" (Jan 13, 2005)
Reviewer: Loren Elliott
Beautiful fusion of flamenco, jazz and Brazilian here. Maya evokes a lot of images of far off places somewhere between Spain, North Africa and South America, but you won't find them on any map because his style is unique and from within. He gets a great sound out of his flamenco guitar and the arrangements really enhance it. There aren't many guitarists around who interpret this genre of music... maybe Ottmar Liebert. Personally, I prefer the more sophisticated compositions of Daniel Maya.
Loren Elliott - CDBaby (Jan 13, 2005)
Anyone who appreciates virtuoso guitar playing with soul will love this CD
Reviewer: Tomas Michaud
Daniel Maya weaves intricate melodies with snappy rhythms to create a mosaic of music that at the same time shows his amazing command of the instrument. At times I could swear there were several guitars playing at the same time, but after careful listening I realize he’s often playing the beautiful melodies and intricate rhythms at the same time, now and then overdubbing a second guitar for his masterful solos. The guitar is nicely complimented by light percussion that is not overbearing. My two favorite songs, “Puente Del Alamillo” and “El Ultimo Beso” also include some very tasteful bass playing. Anyone who appreciates virtuoso guitar playing with soul will love this CD.
Tomas Michaud (Jan 13, 2005)