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Daniel Maya: Buy

Echoes of Paradise - CD

A tropical stew of spicy Caribbean rhythms, sweet melodies, fiery Flamenco chops, and, of course, a dash of Salsa.
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Flamenco Bridge - CD

This CD evokes the sensual rhythms and sunny melodies of the Flamenco music of Southern Spain. It features solo guitar and a variety of instrumental ensembles.
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Leyenda - CD

"Leyenda" is a CD of Classical Guitar solos, featuring some of the most requested pieces, such as "Asturias (Leyenda)," "Recuerdos de la Alhambra," "Malaguena," and "Romanza." Perfect for those moments of mellow relaxation.
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Entrances - CD

Brand new songs performed in collaboration with guitarist/bassist Jean-Paul Buongiorno and a host of guests. Range of Latin styles from Flamenco Rumba, Brazilian Choro, Cha-cha to Latin Funk.
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